September 28, 2012

Dear John,

We are pleased to inform you that we think your guys did a fabulous job with the roof. They worked diligently and maintained a very professional attitude throughout the job. We were also impressed with the gentleman that was in charge of the project. He allowed us to take our time and review the work and correct any recommendations we had regarding the roof. We thank you for your time and excellent service. In addition to the great service you provided we have made recommendations throughout our neighborhood regarding your service. As a matter of fact our next door neighbor spoke with your representative yesterday concerning her roof as well.

Your satisfied customers,

Mr. & Mrs. Clay

November 17, 2011

Dear Sandy,

Here is the final payment on my roof replacement. I can't thank you enough. From the beginning, Kola was a delight to work with. You covered up the leaking section of the roof even before we had a contract. Jim drove me around Charlotte to see color combinations (bricks vs roof shingles) and to speak to some of your clients, and you have been a huge help in dealing with uncooperative SunTrust and also with Allstate. Although I've not seen the roof in person yet, I did think it looks great in the photos you sent.

If anyone needs a recommendation for a roofer or a reference for Kola, feel free to pass on my contact information.



July 28, 2011

Hi John,

Thanks for sending your production crew out this morning. They took some pics and looked at the roof around the chimney - and did overall inspection of roof. Also, they dropped off extra shingles.

Your customer service rocks.


July 13, 2011

Dear Kola Team,

I recently had to have my roof replaced due to hail damage. In the wake of the storm I received a deluge of flyers, cold calls and door to door sales. I chose to have Kola come and take a look, acting on a tip from a neighbor. I was pleasantly surprised when Sean said he could look at my roof that day! Sean and Sandy arrived at the scheduled time and did not waste a moment getting the inspection process underway. Both Sean and Sandy provided a level of exceptional professionalism and courtesy, which extended during the next appointment with my insurance inspector. Once the claim had been approved, Sean came back to my home, sat down and walked me through all the paperwork. Sean made that process so easy and answered all my questions. He really set me at ease and explained in detail what would happen next.

On the day of roof replacement, Hector and his team arrived on time and quickly set up. Not only did the crew put up protective tarps to guard against damage to my windows and siding, but they also protected my shrubbery from damage. The team was very polite and respectful to me each time I came out to view the progress. I'm very pleased with the beautiful new roof on my home. It just looks great! But what really impressed me was the cleanup. There was quite a mess as you can imagine and I never ever thought it would get cleaned. I just knew I'd be out doing some cleaning the next day. Hector's crew swept for nails, picked up every piece of debris in site and put everything they moved back into place as it had been. They even picked through the shrubs for debris. I have only found 3 nails left behind, it was that clean and no damage to the house! Hector's team did an amazing job!

I had such a positive experience with Kola that I had to write and let you know about it. I plan on telling everyone I know to go with Kola for his or her building solutions in the future.


Wanda Spence

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